The Truth of the Soul

“The soul speaks its truth only under quiet, inviting, and trustworthy conditions.”

-Parker J. Palmer

There’s a battle most days. How loud should the music be? Depending on the day, one child will believe it’s never loud enough while the other believes the opposite. The next day, they will switch roles and the battle continues.

Most days, I believe it’s too loud. Honestly, most days, I believe the entire world is too loud.

Loud music, bright lights, advertising everywhere you look…it’s hard to take it all in, all the time.

I’m sure my personality is part of it but I have to believe that, at least to some extent, we all need a bit more quiet in our lives. Do you?

Parker Palmer writes about the truth of the soul being ever elusive but of the utmost importance. Like a rare, wild animal, hiding in the jungle.

Many have heard of it. Few have seen it. Only one has ever beheld it.

The truth of the soul is who you are when everything else is stripped away. It is the piece of you that is God-given, that core element that makes you you.

The truth of the soul is what our world desperately needs from you.

Yet because of the loud world that we exist in, we rarely see it.

I would love to meet the truth of your soul and I would love to introduce you to the truth of my soul.

But before we do that, I almost wonder…Do we need to meet our own truth?

May we create environments where, with great intentionality, we invite ourselves to be true, to allow our souls to be honest, and to let ourselves emerge from the dark, hidden jungles of this loud world.

Peace to you,



The Truth of the Soul
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