The Present Future: The Shift from Planning to Preparation

We can settle for our imaginations, our plans, and our dreams. In fact, I think the North American church has done just that. We have the best churches people can plan and build. But we are desperate for God to show up and to do something that only he can get credit for.

Vision is discovered, not invented…God is the one with the vision for our lives and the church. It is our job to discover what he has in mind, not to invent something he can get excited about.

What does it look like for you to discover the God-given vision of your life?
What does it look like for a church to discover its God-given vision?

Your best shot at making your best contribution is for you to get better at what you are already good at. God called you, not in spite of who you are but precisely because of who you are.

What do you spend more time dwelling on, your strengths or your weaknesses?
How are you missing God’s calling for your life?

The gifts, talents, passions of the people of a congregation hold great clues to the plans and purposes God has for the group. I am convinced many churches forego their best contribution to people’s lives and to the community by trying to be everything (or by trying to be someone else’s idea of church for them) rather than being who God made them to be.

Who has God made you to be?

The Present Future: The Shift from Planning to Preparation