The Present Future: The Shift from Church Growth to Kingdom Growth
Selected quotes from The Present Future by Reggie McNeal

Church growth advocates argued that growth was a sign of life and was anticipated and even expected by God.

A lot of “growth” was merely the migration of Christians moving from one church to another… With rare exception the “growth” here was the cannibalization of the smaller membership churches by these emerging super churches.

Is bigger better? If not, how do we counteract this prevalent mentality?

Churches that understand the realities of the present future are shifting the target of ministry efforts from church activity to community transformation. This is turning the church inside out.

The call to take the gospel to the streets is more than the call to think up some new evangelism or outreach program. The church’s effort at these generally fall way short because the approaches are devised by a bunch of church members trying to come up with ideas that will entice unchurched people to want to come to church.

How have you experienced outreach and evangelism efforts like this?

Taking the gospel to the streets means we need church where people are already hanging out.

I think we are afraid of not knowing how to engage people in genuine conversation. I think we fear rejection. I think we don’t know what to say. I think we are unsure of what we have to offer to people. I think we are not that enthusiastic about being evangelistic because we feel we don’t have a compelling story.

Do you feel like you have a story worth sharing?

We do have the truth. The trouble is, people can’t hear it from us because we haven’t earned the privilege to share it.

How do you think you can best “earn the privilege” to share your story with someone today?

The Present Future: The Shift from Church Growth to Kingdom Growth