The Present Future: The Rise of Apostolic Leadership

God must have had a lot of confidence in you to put you on the planet at just this time… Jesus doesn’t slam you either for your doubts, your fears, your uncertainties. He wants to encourage you in your current assignment. You are being asked to lead during a time when you are not sure where all this is going.

Do you feel overwhelmed at the challenge ahead or encouraged by the opportunity? What makes the difference?

The focus of apostolic leadership is not on office or gifts, but one the content of leadership that responds to the new spiritual landscape by shaping a church movement that more resembles the world of Acts than America in the last half of the twentieth century.

Apostolic leaders are…missional, visionary, entrepreneurial. They prefer to work in teams. Their organizational “charts” (if they have them) are as flat as possible. They are genuinely spiritual and have a core value of cultural relevance.

What apostolic leaders do you know? How can you learn from them?

The Present Future: The Rise of Apostolic Leadership