The Present Future: The Return to Spiritual Formation

A person who claims to be a follower of Jesus claims to have a relationship with him. This means they know him, and not just about him. Yet we have turned our churches into groups of people who are studying God as though there were taking a course at school or attending a business seminar. We aim at the head. We don’t deal in relationship. And we wonder why there is no passion for Jesus and his mission?

Are your discipleship efforts aimed at knowing about Jesus or knowing Jesus? What’s the difference?

…Helping people develop emotionally, physically, and relationally is all spiritual. There is no sacred-secular dichotomy when it comes to spiritual formation.

Is your approach to personal spiritual development holistic or is some aspect of your life being neglected?

The communal aspect of spiritual formation is often neglected in a North American culture that has too often turned church membership to consumerism. The vast majority are there to get what they can, while a few with the need to serve or who have overactive responsibility glands pour on the work.

What would it look like to add a relational component to your spiritual formation? How could you give to and receive from another?

The Present Future: The Return to Spiritual Formation