Taking This World So Seriously

In this blessed and welcomed season of Eastertide, we are invited to perceive new life happening all around us. With attentive senses, we allow the goodness of this world and the inbreaking of the world to come to wash over us. To that end, I’d like to share a simple poem with you written by Mary Oliver:

I wanted to thank the mockingbird
for the vigor of his song.

Every day he sang from the rim of the field,
while I picked blueberries or just idled in the sun.

Every day he came fluttering by to show me,
and why not, the white blossoms in his wings.

So one day I went there with a machine,
and played some songs of Mahler.

The mockingbird stopped singing,
he came close and seemed to listen.

Now when I go down to the field,
a little Mahler spills through the sputters of his song.

How happy I am, lounging in the light,
listening as the music floats by!

And I give thanks also for my mind,
that thought of giving a gift.

And mostly I’m grateful that
I take this world so seriously.

-Mary Oliver, The Gift

Taking This World So Seriously