Pour Out Your Heart

Often, phrases in the Bible catch my attention. Then, I’ll read them or hear them again and again in conversations, sermons, books, et cetera. One of those phrases that God has impressed upon me is “pour out your heart before Him.” 

It began when I was reading the Psalms. Pouring out my heart especially hit home when I read Psalm 62:8 which says:

“Trust in Him at all times, O people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.” 

Later, I came across Psalm 142:1-2 which says:

“I cry aloud with my voice to the LORD; I make supplication with my voice to the LORD. I pour out my complaint before Him; I declare my trouble before Him.” 

What awesome invitations! 

Yet, really? God wants us to do what? 

God wants to hear what is inside us that no one else hears. Yes, God wants to hear our heart, all of it. “To pour out” is to gush, cast up a siege, dump, shed, throw, and “before Him” means to God’s face. 

God invites us to a face-to-face encounter, a personal one-on-one with the Divine. God invites us to share all our thoughts, feelings, all of it out to God. It is no holds barred. 

We can be angry, sad, happy, grieving, sharing any and every emotion. We can be open and vulnerable with all our hopes, dreams, disappointments, and sorrows. God wants us to lay it all out in the safety of the Divine’s presence.

God delights in the intimacy of relationship with us. Who better is there to hear our hurt, our anger, our sorrow, our pain, our joys, and our passions than our God who is a passionate God, who created us in the Divine image?


Pour Out Your Heart