CBF General Assembly Revisited

Last week, your pastoral staff gathered with our Cooperative Baptist Fellowship family from all across our country and all across our world. Pastors, chaplains, ministry leaders, field personnel, and lay leaders of diverse backgrounds, traditions, ethnicities, races, genders all gathered together with a common cause: the transformative Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It was striking. In an age of unprecedented diversity, we see siloing more than we should. It is easy and comfortable to surround ourselves with people, churches, organizations like us. Like gathers with like. Clumpy is a fine word for it.

And yet, when the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship gathers, our clumpiness breaks down. While CBF has historically been a rather white, male-led organization, with great intentionality, that is rapidly changing and that change is enthusiastically welcomed. The Fellowship is becoming a better representation of the world we live in.

The only reason that’s possible is because we have a common cause that draws us together. Rather than be defined by our boundaries, we are defined by our center. We are collectively being drawn together by the transformative Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And the true beauty of this is when we see this same transformative Gospel being embodied in so many different cultures, contexts, and people groups. The body of Christ is beautifully diverse and occasionally we get to see that.

This past week, I saw that. I’m grateful for our CBF Family and I’m grateful to be a part of a church community that values diversity and is being drawn together by the transformative Gospel of Jesus Christ.

May we continue to be drawn together.


CBF General Assembly Revisited