Canoeing the Mountains: Part 5

Faithful stewards and hopeful dreamers.

We shouldn’t be one without the other.

To be faithful stewards of all that God has given, we recognize how far God has brought us. It does not take for granted the gifts, talents, blessings that God has placed within our community. It develops and cultivates what is already growing and it diligently preps the soil for new growth. To be faithful stewards, we must recognize what is before us, give thanks, and care well for it.

To be hopeful dreamers, we believe that there’s more to the story, that God is not done yet. It trusts that, regardless of our role, God’s mission will go on…always. It seizes the invitation to be a part of blazing new trails, creating new opportunity, experimenting with new approaches. It is a posture of optimism, not skepticism…asset, not liability…abundance, not scarcity. To be hopeful dreamers, we must look with great anticipation to what is ahead of us, trusting that God will lead as we boldly step forward.

You probably find within yourself a leaning. You might unconsciously believe that faithful stewardship is more important than hopeful dreaming…or vice versa. We’ve all got our biases.

If you were to pause for a moment and consider…Where do you lean?

How does that affect how you think and feel and engage with our Agape Family?

How can you find more balance?

Faithful stewards and hopeful dreamers.

May it be so.

Peace to you,



Canoeing the Mountains: Part 5
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