Advent: String Bright The Gray

The journey of Advent is a journey toward the impossible. In increasing amounts, we step toward what we cannot comprehend. Our rationalistic and reductionistic minds cannot comprehend God wrapped in flesh, much less, the audacious love behind it all.

The arts help us. As it is said, “Art speaks where words are unable to explain.”

Accordingly, through our Advent journey, I would like to share some poetry that has been meaningful to me. May it be meaningful to you.

String Bright The Gray by John D. Blase

You are the lights
of the everyday world.
Signs that goodness is not
destined to be defeated.
But to shine you must daily,
Jacob-like, grapple with God.
Refuse to let go every time.
Every time wrest the wounding
heat from his hands so you can
flare the old words worn smooth
and so string bright the gray with
your burning belief.

Peace to you,



Advent: String Bright The Gray
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