If you are thinking about visiting Agape, great! We will be delighted to welcome you! Here are some frequently asked questions to help you feel more comfortable when you join us.

What time should I come to the church building on Sunday?

Agape’s morning worship service starts at 11:00am in the Worship Center, but you are certainly welcome to attend a Bible study small group at 9:45am. There are a variety of engaging Bible study groups that meet in the Worship Center and in a building called Henderson Hall (this is the building with the signs about ESL and GED).

What about childcare?

During our worship service, all children are valued and welcome in the services. We consider the sounds of children to be a joyful reminder of how beloved they are by God.

Is there a dress code?

Some of our people get dressed up while others prefer more casual attire for comfort and to be non-distracting in worship.

How can I speak to a staff member?

Of course! Staff members are visible and available. Frequently, you will find them greeting people around the entrances of the worship center. Ask one of our members or ushers to point them out to you. You may also contact them during the week by phone, email, or by appointment in the church office.

What does it mean to “join the church?”

Joining a church is not like becoming a member of a social group or club. There is no “initiation” for church membership and no required “dues.” It is not necessary to be a member of Agape in order to worship with us or to attend a Bible study but joining the Agape Family means that you have ownership in who Agape is and what Agape becomes.

What can I expect when I visit Agape Baptist Church?

God-centered worship – We value corporate worship. Our adoration, confession, affirmation, and dedication through prayer, Bible reading, proclamation, music, and offerings demands our best. We approach worship with humility and reverence. The congregation sings a variety of hymns from the breadth of church history. The choir sings special anthems and church members lead in Bible readings and prayers. Our pastor preaches a relevant and engaging sermon about a biblical text each Sunday, as well.

Friendly fellowship – We believe congregational fellowship is a reflection of God’s love and grace. We do our best to make you feel welcome without embarrassing you or calling attention to you. We minister to others in a spirit of humility and love by caring for all within the congregation and bearing each others’ burdens. We are truly a family.

A focus on discipleship – We invite you to journey with us as we strive to grow in Christian maturity that will be exemplified in our character and conduct. We desire to be faithful to God not just on Sundays but every day.

A commitment to local, national, and global missions – We offer our congregation’s love and support as we minister to the whole person in attempting to meet their spiritual and life needs. As we seek to do God’s will in our mission ministries, we cooperate with others who share our values and beliefs.

A high value for historical Baptist principles and practices – You will notice our high regard for the Bible, the priesthood of every believer in Jesus Christ, the separation of church and state, the self-governance of the local church, missions, evangelism, social ministries, and the celebration of believer’s baptism and the Lord’s Supper. In these ways, we stand upon historic Baptist principles.