We want people to learn and to have a better life!

At the time of this web publication, we have:

  • 35 highly qualified teachers and assistants in our Educational Outreach Ministry who enjoy seeing people learn.
  • Over 150 students from 28 countries!


Classes for:

  • Persons who do not know any English (Beginning English)
  • Persons who have a little knowledge of English (Basic English)
  • Persons who are progressing in their use of the English language (Intermediate English)
  • Persons who want to use their English in a conversation group, understand idioms, understand better the culture of our country, and share about their country (Advanced and Conversational English)

English Class Times

Tuesday Mornings from 10A.M. to 11:30A.M. Childcare is available.
Wednesday Evenings from 6:30P.M. to 8:00P.M. Childcare is available.
Sunday Mornings from 9:45A.M. to 10:45A.M. Childcare is available.

ESL 15 005ESL 15 011




Reading (Literacy) Tutoring Times

Wednesday Evenings from 6:30P.M. to 8:00P.M. Childcare is available.
These tutoring sessions are for English speaking adults who read at lower grade levels and want to improve their reading skills.  Placement in this program is based on tutor availability.

GED Update: Contact Us if you need your GED.

Our Philosophy

  • We welcome persons from every country, every religion, and every culture.
  • We respect your country, your religion, and your culture.
  • We also want to learn from you.

Agape Christian Women’s Job Corp

Women are offered an opportunity through a series of classes to improve their writing skills, computer skills, and improve their attitudes about themselves. These short-term classes are designed to help those women who are currently seeking employment. It does not find jobs for women but helps them in this process. This organization works with Cornerstone’s Christian Women’s Job Corp.

Agape Christian Women’s Job Corps offers free training for unemployed and under-employed women. offered several times though out the year.  Curriculum includes life skills, career development skills, basic computer, networking, and Bible Study. Lunch is provided. If interested  please contact the church.

CWJC 3 006CWJC 3 003

          Graduates of CWJC
Thank you Edlyne Dickson for the photos.

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