Two years of work has come to fruition in my new book Seeing New Light: Hope for Declining and Aged Congregations. I’m so grateful for the help and professionalism of Austin Brothers Publishing in putting the book together. At its core, Seeing New Light address contemporary issues in churches which either face decline or frustration when some of the tried and true formulas for church growth seem to fail. There is hope! In fact, I propose that churches investigate a partnership model of ministry that may just lead from a sense of failure to flourishing. In other words, a church may not have to give up on its entire heritage in order to survive, but there are ways of reading Scripture and relating to one another that could reinvigorate a congregation to new life.

You can read a description of the book and buy a copy at the following website.

Be watching for more info as I invite you to see new light.

Dr. Hassell

New Book by Pastor James: Seeing New Light

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