I preached concerning the state of the church on January 7, 2013, promoting the resiliency of the Agape Baptist Church, and I shared about the importance of responding to God’s grace obedient ways. Many of you have asked that I share the main points of the sermon in a written form. You will find these below.


First, I call us to a greater sense of church unity. How?

–   Let’s accomplish the following during February

  • Begin a worship service and fellowship at Fort Worth Academy on February 2 from 5-7pm.
  • Begin a Lenten evangelism emphasis using Oscar Thompson’s “Concentric Circles of Concern.” This emphasis will begin Wednesday, February 13 at 6:30pm in Faith Hall.
  • Devote an entire day to prayer for Christian spiritual renewal in our church and in Fort Worth on February 16.

–   Emphasize God’s provision during the month of March through a variety of activities.

–   Begin an annual church picnic in June in honor of how the church started.

–   Begin an annual September joint Bible study celebration, worship, and lunch in honor of the first morning worship service at Agape.

–   Culminate a year’s worth of evangelistic and missional emphases in November with a “Join the Church Day.”

–   Highlight testimonies/stories of our church members.

Second, pay off the loan on our Harris Parkway property by the end of this year.

Third, call a team of people to develop a Master Plan for our church–a plan for developing a presence and publicity on Harris Parkway as well as taking note of how we can best support and maintain the invaluable missions work on the Southwest Boulevard campus.

From the Pastor’s Desk: State of the Church Vision Points

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