Why is change necessary?

Right now is not the moment before and the moment ahead is not right now. The movement of time is an ever-present yet mostly unnoticed force on this world. Time marches on and we are along for the ride.

The forces of time make this world an ever-changing reality. No two moments are the exactly the same. Yesterday, the world that we lived in was different. Yesterday, the relationships that we invested in were different. Yesterday, the emotions of our hearts were different.

If the forward progress of time is the only constant that we can know, why should we live as if yesterday’s worldview will suffice for today? Do we think the way we approached life yesterday will be as effective today?

Change is absolutely necessary if we wish to live a life faithfully dedicated to something more than ourselves. We must be willing to let go of the things that worked yesterday and pursue a new solution to today’s challenges. Of course, this does not mean that we cannot learn from the past, but stubbornly clinging to something that is no longer relevant will get us nowhere.

What about for our Agape Family? Sure, we can likely see plenty of lines of thought into our personal lives, but what about on an organizational level? What about the Church?

In the same way that I cannot allow myself to rest on the haunches of yesterday’s understanding, we, as the Agape Family, cannot allow ourselves to think that we’ve got it figured out. We must be willing to think, and rethink, and rerethink every aspect of who we are and what we do because the church of tomorrow is going to have to be different than the church of today.

So, Agape Family, what aspects of who we are and what we are doing are so cherished that we can’t imagine changing them? What if they instantly changed tomorrow? Would we be so committed to the greater vision that we could get over it? Or would we be ready to go down with that ship, clinging to our beloveds of yesterday?

My hope is that we move forward, always progressing toward the one that calls to us from ahead. My hope is that tomorrow, we are the church that world needs tomorrow. My hope is that we have been, are, and will be the church that God desires in that moment.

Peace to you,



Why is change necessary?
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