What Attracts People?

We’re all searching for meaning. We want answers to the big questions: What’s the meaning of life? What am I here for? Who am I?

To these questions, most religions have help to offer. As followers of the way of Jesus, we, the Agape Family, have answers to these questions. While they could be recorded and written down, that’s not the type of meaning that most of us are looking for. We’re looking for meaning that is found in relational connectedness. We’re looking for meaning found in community.

Because who I am is largely informed by who I am to you. Our interconnectedness cannot be minimized and when placed within the context of a healthy and life-giving community, it can cause people to come alive in beautiful ways.

Will Mancini, a church consultant and future-thinking ally, has said this:

“Programs don’t attract people; people attract people.”

In this day, I can have most of my needs met with the click of a button. Whatever information I might be in search of can be found by asking someone named Siri or Alexa. There is little that is unavailable to me alone, save this one thing: community-based meaning.

From day one of our journey together, I’ve said that the greatest asset of Agape Baptist Church is the people. It’s not the buildings. It’s not the programs. It’s not the worship atmosphere. The greatest asset we have is us, the people.

Because people are looking for people. We are all in search of relationships that give meaning to our lives, relationships that enrich our families, encourage our self-identity, build up our confidence in who we are.

For this reason, I am very hopeful in what the Agape Family can offer to our world. We can offer ourselves and along the way, we’ll probably even find some meaning of our own.

What Attracts People?
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