The Rummage Sale

Wednesday, we prayed.

We prayed that the people that needed to come would come. We prayed that we would be the loving presence of Christ. We prayed that real kingdom good would happen.

Saturday, we watched those prayers being answered.

This weekend, in the culmination of much planning, preparation, and prayer, we hosted a rummage sale. The hope was to do some spring cleaning in our own lives, provide some inexpensive goods to those in need, and give away all the proceeds. From multiple angles, this had the potential to be something really good.

And it was!

You, Agape Family, donated so much! You filled Faith Hall with valuable items to sell and set the sale up for success. You volunteered your time and your energy to organize and price items. You set aside the majority of your Saturday to staff the sale, offering warm smiles and helping hands to our shopping guests.

And when it was all said and done, we sold the vast majority of the items you donated. Here are the before and after photos:

The remaining items were donated to World Relief and will be used to help furnish homes for refugees that come to our country, those that are often fleeing danger and persecution. To help provide a home for someone that has lost their home and essentially been homeless for years is a beautiful thing.

Before the sale, we decided to give away all the proceeds of the sale to Luella Merrett Elementary School and WestAid Food Pantry, two entities that are near and dear to our heart. Because of the sale, these organizations will be receiving various forms of support to the tune of over $1,000 each!

In every way, the rummage sale was a great success! I am immensely proud of your efforts and encouraged by your hearts! Agape Family, the challenge was great and you rose to the occasion! Well done Agape!

And a very special thank you is in order to those that helped in the planning and preparation of the sale. You logged many hours and gave much of yourself. The biggest reason the sale was a success was because of your efforts. Thank you!

We prayed. God empowered. And truly, real kingdom good happened.

Well done Agape Family!

The Rummage Sale
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