The Power of Consciousness

Occasionally, I come across something that I know is important but for the life of me, I have no idea why. You know that feeling? That feeling when you feel the significance of a moment or the importance of a piece of information or the gravity of a choice?

I’m a big fan of the Enneagram. The Enneagram is a personality assessment. I’ve taken more personality assessments than I can recall but none have been as helpful to me as the Enneagram. Truly, it has given me insight into who I am and how I am to be, insight that I would not have otherwise had.

[If you’re interested, I would certainly recommend taking an assessment and learning about it. Here is some information about the Enneagram and an assessment that I prefer. If you take it, let me know your type! For the record, I’m a type 9.]

Anyway, this isn’t about the Enneagram but hang in there…it’s getting me to where I’m going.

Each day, I get an email with specific insight into my Enneagram type. Sometimes these emails are asinine and not helpful. Sometimes these emails peer into my soul and speak truths about myself that I never knew. And sometimes, these emails contain something that I know is important but I have no idea why. The following is one such email:

“The deepest source of real power lies in consciousness and the ability to be present in all circumstances.”

This statement has stuck with me because I believe it is important. It’s certainly been helpful in making sense of my place in the world, especially when things begin to unravel and feel overwhelming. Like the past couple of weeks…

I hate guns. Always have. Even as a child, going dove hunting with the men in my family, there was never any part of me that wanted to point that weapon at an innocent bird and pull the trigger. But that’s just me.

The past couple of weeks have stirred up an important conversation that needs to be had at all levels of society. The end result of this conversation must be increased safety for human beings of all ages, especially our children.

But what an overwhelming task…

Where in the world do we start? Well, I have some ideas but…

For our purposes today, maybe consciousness is an okay place to start. Becoming aware and conscious of the world that we live in, in all its grime and glory, is an okay place to start.

Maybe we hear the stories of parents who saw their child off to school, just like any other day, that will never see that child again. Maybe we do some honest research on gun laws around the world and learn what works and what doesn’t. Maybe we sit in the predicament for some time without spouting off the preformed answers that our partisan alliances create for us. Maybe we become conscious of who we are and the world that we live in and then…we go make it a better place.

I make no promises. I don’t guarantee that this first step will lead to success. But I know it’s the best place to start.

Peace to you,



The Power of Consciousness
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