The Journey of Holy Week

We have arrived at Holy Week, the high point of the Christian calendar.

The season of Lent is drawing to a close. Our Lenten journey has not been easy. We have asked difficult questions of ourselves, our motivations, our tendencies to hide, our judgments of others. We have heard and received the call of Jesus to follow, no matter the cost, to follow. We have done the difficult inner work that the season of Lent requires of us.

The season of Eastertide is drawing near. We will celebrate the resurrection, that life overcomes death. We will rejoice in the victory of Christ. We will stand outside the empty tomb and proclaim that death has lost its sting. On Sunday, we will celebrate.

But here and now, we find ourselves in the gap. We find ourselves floating between the season of Lent, where all our sin has been revealed, and the season of Eastertide, where all our wounds will be healed. Here we stand in the gap.

Holy Week is the bridge between Lent and Easter. Without it, one could not cross the gap. We must allow the events of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday to do their work on us. We must observe these final events in the life of Jesus. We must pay attention.

Because, as we heard on Sunday, as the Quaker William Penn wrote:

“No pain, no palm; no thorns, no throne; no gall, no glory; no cross, no crown.”

I’d like for you to ask yourself a question. Really, ask yourself this question and pause long enough to actually consider it.

What would it look like for you to pay attention this week?

Did you ask yourself? If you’re already reading this, you might want to go back and ask yourself again…

What would it look like for you to pay attention this week?

Certainly, to join with us on Friday evening as we observe Good Friday, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, will be important. Plan to participate in that.

But what else? How can you pay attention this week? How can you journey alongside Jesus through the final events of his life? How can your journey, your life, fall in line with the life of Jesus?

Whatever that might look like, I would encourage you to take time. If nothing else, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, set aside 30 minutes to reflect on the events of the day. Read the Scriptures. Ask to wash the feet of your family members. Meditate on the stations of the cross. Sit in the silence of Holy Saturday.

Whatever it may be, don’t miss this week. Pay attention.

And in due time, we will find ourselves, having journeyed well, standing at the empty tomb. I look forward to that moment with you.

Peace to you,



The Journey of Holy Week
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