I have been blessed by this past weekend’s happenings.

On Saturday, we gathered, 30 plus strong, and we prayed. Walking the halls of Luella Merrett, we prayed for the students that will be filling the classrooms, laughing, learning, and being loved. We prayed for the teachers that selflessly give of themselves for their students. We prayed for the administration and the support staff, those that make education possible.

On Sunday, we gathered for worship, focusing on our partnership with Luella Merrett. Filling the platform were twenty-three backpacks overflowing with donated school supplies. We talked about the God-given potential within each of us and especially within children. We meditated on the sacred work of education. We were challenged to consider new ways to partner with Luella Merrett.

I have been blessed by this past weekend’s happenings. May you be blessed too.


As we continue to assess our partnership with Luella Merrett, we are excited about a new opportunity: Adopt-a-Teacher. 38 teachers of Luella Merrett can be paired up with 38 individuals or families from Agape. We would be able to support our adopted teachers through prayer, notes of encouragement, and other opportunities of expressing love and support.

If you are willing to adopt a teacher, just contact Pastor Michael and let him know.


Beloved God, 

May the students that these backpacks represent…may they be loved, cherished, and valued. May they know the fullness of the God-given potential within themselves. May they know that they matter, to you, to us, and to the watching world. Bless these students.

May the school year that is to come be exactly what you desire it to be. May your good and marvelous will be done.

We pray this in name of the Father, Son, and Spirit, Amen.


Peace to you,



Partnering with LMES
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