A New Church is Coming

Again, from yesterday’s sermon, I’m under no illusion that other people can usually communicate something better than I can. But even so, when I can, I try to use my own voice. But occasionally, I come across something that just needs to be said the way the author said it. This is another one of those moments.

We’ve chatted briefly about Molly T. Marshall. She’s a wonderfully gifted Baptist preacher, scholar, and president of Central Baptist Theological Seminary. I’d like to share two of her posts on Baptist News Global for fodder as we think about the future of the Agape Family. I would encourage you to prayerfully read these, engage her ideas, and chat about your thoughts with someone in the Agape Family.

A New Church is Coming (Part 1):
“It will be browner and poorer, more sensuous and feminine, less clerical and more collegial and inclusive, less concerned about the works of charity and more aware of the need for change in structures, more multilingual and polycentric.”

A New Church is Coming (Part 2):
“I believe that the coming church will be a better blend of youthful and senior, more liturgical, more theological, less bounded and more permeable, and less self-interested.”

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A New Church is Coming
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