Learning from Bullhorn Guy

We’ve all encountered bullhorn guy. Maybe you’ve been bullhorn guy. While bullhorn guy’s approach to sharing the message could use some reflection, we must admit, bullhorn guy is motivated.

Through our sermon series On Being baptist, we’ve explored what it looks like to be baptist in the year 2018. As we begin to wrap up the series, it’s time to begin our final approach. We must descend from the 30,000-foot cruising altitude of the theoretical and the abstract and look for our runway. We must decide where we are going to land.

In our polarized world, it is too easy to define yourself based on negation. It’s too easy to say, “I’m not like that.” It’s too easy for us to say, “We’re not that kind of Christian. We’re not that kind of baptist.”

But the question remains, “Well then, what kind of Christian are you? What kind of baptist are you?”

Looking to the future, it is going to be important for us to find a common language to answer these questions. We are going to need to discern together who we are and through that communal discerning, we will find a common language, a language that will unify us with clarity and forward momentum.

Bullhorn guy is motivated. He’s a lot of other things but we must admit, he is motivated.

What would it look like for us to be equally motivated?

How might we get so excited about our message, about who we are, about the good news that we’ve been given, about the redeeming mission of God that we are on, about the unending love of God…How might we get so excited that we might be tempted to pick up a bullhorn just to be heard?

Learning from Bullhorn Guy
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