Canoeing the Mountains: Part 6

What if you were told, “Unless you change your behavior, it will lead to your death?” You’d probably change, right?

Well, maybe not. Based on research by Alan Deutschman, 9 out of 10 people wouldn’t change their behavior. Stop drinking or you will die. Stop smoking or you will die. Change your diet now or you will die. Faced with these types of choices, 90% of people choose to plug along and risk death.

As Ronald Heifetz says, “We have the technology to fix the heart, but not change it.”

So, what might motivate actual change? What might inspire someone to stop smoking or eat less?

Medical researches have found that people are motivated to change by compelling, inspiring, and positive visions of the future.

We need to see what Life looks like, not just the risk of death.

As we dream of what Agape Baptist Church could be, we need to dream big. Because if we settle for little dreams, there’s nothing compelling or inspiring about a little dream.

If we dream of keeping the institution alive, that’s not compelling. If we dream of having a nice community of friends, that’s not inspiring.

Tod Bolsinger says, “The goal of the Christian faith is…to be a community of people who participate in God’s mission to heal the world by establishing his loving reign on earth as it is in heaven.”

Now, that’s compelling! And the beauty of this vision is that we cannot dream big enough to fill that vision.

May we dream big and may we choose to be the 10%.

Peace to you,



Canoeing the Mountains: Part 6