What does a right and good anger look like?
Yesterday, we chatted about Jesus’s episode in the Temple. It seems to be an example of a good and appropriate use of

“To work without praying and without listening means only to grow and spread oneself upward, without striking roots and without an equivalent in the earth.” — Helmut Thielicke

I’m no dendrologist

Lent: the season everyone loves to hate.
I don’t like Lent but I used to like it less.

Ash Wednesday comes this week, the first day of the season of Lent. It

We’re all searching for meaning. We want answers to the big questions: What’s the meaning of life? What am I here for? Who am I?
To these questions, most religions have

Bob Dylan agrees: “For the times, they are a-changing.”
We’ve been having a conversation about the world that we’re finding ourselves in and how different it is from the world of

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