Church Staff and Leadership

Meet Our Staff

Dean Dickens – Pastor in the Interim

Dr. G. Dean Dickens has been Agape’s Pastor in the Interim (Intentional Interim Minister) since November 2013.  He and Karr La have just retired from 28 years of missionary service mixed with pastoring in Dallas.  For many years, his great love has been cross-cultural preaching training primarily in developing countries and with a focus upon those with little or no education and resources.  He and Karr La have been married 44 years and have three married children scattered across the world.  His hobbies are golf—and looking for his lost golf balls.

  ArronMcNabb Aaron McNabb – Youth Minister

Aaron McNabb has served as Agape’s Youth Minister since February 2014.  Aaron enjoys great adventures, whether experienced through books or real life.   He’s an outdoorsman at heart and would rather spend a free afternoon in a hammock than on a couch.  His passions include Jesus, his wife Becki, Agape’s fantastic youth, missional evangelism, and sometimes a very strong cup of coffee.  Black, no sugar.  It is a rare sight indeed to see Aaron ministering without his better half at his side; Becki makes ministry a solid team endeavor. Aaron completed his undergrad at DBU with a BBA in Management Information Systems, and just recently completed his M.Div. at Southwestern Seminary.  Aaron’s heart is for the lost in the community, that they may soon come to know Jesus.  It is Aaron’s desire to enable and equip believers to share in the joy of the harvest as the Lord saves his children.

Mayeli Jones – Minister of Childhood Education /Admin Assistant

Mayeli Jones was born in Veracruz, Mexico. She graduated with a B.A. in English with a minor in Teaching and Translation from the University of Veracruz.

She has been a member of Agape Baptist Church since 2008. She lives in Fort Worth, TX with her husband and two children.



Church Leadership

Agape Baptist Church highly values a Christian doctrine called “The Priesthood of All Believers.” Agape, then, is democratic in polity and is not subject to the control of any other ecclesiastical body. Decisions related to the ministries, programs, finances, and other resources rest with the active church membership and are made during business conferences of the Church membership each month. The church is blessed with a great number of leaders serving together on mission.