Our Beliefs

  • Jesus Christ is our sole criterion for faith and practice.
  • The divinely inspired Word of God, the Bible, is our guidebook for Christian living and our manual for church order.
  • The 1963 version of the Baptist Faith and Message serves as our published declaration of faith.
  • We affirm the historic Baptist principles of the priesthood of the believer, the autonomy of the local congregation, a democratic church government, and the separation of church and state.
  • We take seriously the Great Commission, therefore we desire to be a missional church, personally, financially, and collectively participating in home and foreign missions.
  • We seek the leadership of the Holy Spirit in all our endeavors and ministries. We anticipate the leadership of God-called, Spirit-filled ministers of the gospel characterized by fervent biblical preaching, evangelistic zeal, sacrificial service, and Christian integrity.
  • We are conservative in theology, democratic in polity, cooperative in spirit, and evangelical in purpose.
  • We are a body of believers that intends to become a dynamic church, motivated by self-giving love, based on historic Baptist principles.
  • We use music of enduring quality for worship, edification of the church, and evangelism.
  • Our mission is to build a community of faith shaped by the Spirit of Jesus Christ, all for the Glory of God.

We have five core values:

We are committed to God-centered, Bible-based worship.
We are committed to Christian discipleship led by the Holy Spirit.
We are committed to an unconditionally loving fellowship.
We are committed to local, national, and global missions.
We are committed to historical Baptist principles and practices.