As hurricane Harvey continues to decimate Texas we all need to be aware of the efforts being made to assist them.

Texas Baptist Men are working to assist in the efforts – You can see those at Here.

The most recent updates are available on the Texas Baptist Men facebook page here.

CBF also is working to assist in the efforts. The CBF BLOG is perhaps the place for the most recent information. you can visit that page by clicking here.

CBF also has information on their facebook page located available here.

In any case please pray for those who have lost so much in this event. Pray for the first responders.  Your support is greatly needed and appreciated by those involved.  Be careful with donations!  It is sad to say that there are those who take advantage of these situations and setup “fake” on-line offerings to simply take money. Donate ONLY to known assistance groups like BGCT and CBF and the Red Cross etc.